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When you call upon someone in your time of need, you want to make sure that you are secure, and your family is secure. Here at Ave's Lock and Key, we want you to be confident that your services will be completed by a professional and competent technician.

Foley Belsaw
Professional Locksmithing

Foley Belsaw's Professional Locksmithing course is a comprehensive general locksmithing studies class that starts with an in-depth background check and teaches you all of the basics to enter into the field as a competent lock technician.

Foley Belsaw
Advanced Locksmithing

Foley Belsaw's Advanced Locksmithing course is an auxiliary class that fills in the gaps between the general studies course and the real life general locksmithing experience.

Foley Belsaw
Advanced Lockpicking

Foley Belsaw's Advanced Lockpicking course further expands the general studies into advanced lockpicking theories and hands-on practice to make it quicker to get you in your home in your time of inconvenience and need.

Clark Security
Heavy-Duty Hardware Installation
Electronic Security And
Access Control

Your security is paramount to us and nothing provides evidence after an incident like a live CCTV camera! Plus, most crimes are avoided just by having a camera system installed and recording, and we can install, trouble-shoot, and set-up whatever system best fits your needs.

Sometimes a sturdy lock isn't enough to protect your valuables or make you feel truly safe, for those situations, Ave's Lock and Key is experienced in taking things up to a level of security that rivals some prisons. With ANSI Grade 1 closers, levers, cylinders and more. No situation is too difficult for us to resolve!

Electronic access control is becoming more and more common these days as a way to quickly change access for each person as well as log entry into restricted areas. Keys are becoming a thing of the past and we see this and can handle everything from electromagnetic locks, to electric strikes, card access systems, buzzer systems and more.

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