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Pile of Bullets
The iconic Berkeley Armory logo on a dark background showing bottleneck rifle cartridges with black cases and blue bullets
A well contrasted photo of a Wilson Combat variant of a Sig Sauer P320 with a dark background

Excellent Selection In Stock

Berkeley Armory is proud to be able to stock most major brands of firearms, ammunition, and even suppressors!


Even if we do not have it in stock, we can put it on our wish-lists and special order in exactly what you are looking for.  

Familiar and Friendly Staff

Berkeley Armory is proud to highlight the fact that we are able to provide the same excellent customer service that clients are used to receiving from the Ave's Lock and Key team. Same great staff, same convenient location, and a whole new world of products and services.

We aim to make the purchase or transfer of your next firearm as painless as possible, so we are here every step of the way to help you with the paperwork.

A darkened photo of a woman double-checking paperwork and ensuring its accuracy
A fistful of .223 Remington FMJ ammo sitting loose against a 20 round magazine loaded with .308 Winchester JSP rounds

Convenient Hours And Location

Berkeley Armory is open from 8:30 to 5:30, Monday Through Saturday for your ease and convenience. 


We offer a large selection of ammunition in common calibers for both target shooting as well as self defense or hunting purposes. Everything from .17 HMR to .50 BMG, chances are that we likely have it in stock for you.     

Call Or Visit Us Today

Visit Us at

4502 Hedgesville Road
Hedgesville, WV 25427

A clean looking blue and brick building with a glass sorefront and the signage for Ave's Lock and Key and Berkeley Armory
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Ready To See What We Have In Stock?
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