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Privacy Policy. 

Ave's Lock and Key does not store or record who visits their webpage and therefore will not contact you unless contacted first. Ave's Lock and Key explicitly disagrees with and does not take part in "spamming" or mass mailing emails automatically, Ave's Lock and Key does not have a newsletter or other mass-email platform at this time. Any identifying information sent via this page is considered confidential and shall be treated as such.


Your privacy is part of your securty; therefore paramout to us!

Terms of Use.

By using or viewing this website, you agree that you understand that this website is solely for informational purposes. You also understand that clerical errors do occur and that no information listed here can be guaranteed, please call us directly if you have any questions regarding validity of information/pricing

(304-839-2256). Also, by using/viewing this website you agree that you release Ave's Lock and Key and any entity or person relating to Ave's Lock and Key from any liability or wrong doing of any type, and that no legal ramifications shall arise from anything seen or experienced on this site.


Thank you!

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