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Apprentice Locksmith

Ave's Lock and Key is excited to announce that we are now accepting applications in an effort to expand our availability so we can better serve the community with increasingly exceptional service availability while keeping our prices as some of the most competitive in the local market.

Ave's Lock and Key is looking for a locksmith with previous service industry experience and a good mechanical sense. Optimal applicant should be friendly, driven, and should enjoy problem solving.


Average workload for the successful candidate will be varied and will change on a day by day basis. Applicants that show proficiency in locksmithing skills such as lock picking, basic carpentry, basic electrical troubleshooting, rekeying/masterkeying, or other unmentioned locksmith skills will be given preferential choice over other applicants but is not required. Proficiency in previously mentioned skills will be tested to determine validity of claim before any job offer is extended.


Applicant must have good customer skills, must be able to think outside the box, and must be able to take charge and have fundamental leadership skills in serious circumstances. Applicant must also have exemplary character and morals as well as clean records through the judicial system and the DMV as well as the ability to pass a thorough drug screening. If successful, the applicant will be expected to be insurable, bondable, trainable, and open to any other needs deemed necessary by the employer or customer.


Some additional points worth mentioning that will be required as the successful applicant progresses through their career is that schedules will be fluid and changing, a successful applicant will have good business sense and the ability to communicate professionally and in a timely fashion with customers as well as a natural ability to sell themselves and their services to people.


As a locksmith apprentice, you will learn the basics of working in residential, commercial, and institutional settings as well as working on automotive components, safes/vaults, electronic locks, and many others as well as honing the fundamentals of non-destructive and destructive entry methods for bypassing locks, rekeying and masterkeying lock systems, troubleshooting electrical lock systems across all platforms, cutting keys by code, rebuilding/patching of broken or destroyed doors to secure entry, advanced theories behind picking locks, and others as deemed necessary for the position as it progresses.

Lastly, applicants will not be encouraged nor discouraged to apply based on age, gender, race, or any other simple trait. Applicants will be expected to be reasonably fit (I.E. able to kneel for periods of time, able to sit or stand for periods of at least one hour, able to crawl as needed, able to lift weights of 50 pounds or more briefly, et-cetera) and will be expected to be able to complete physically strenuous tasks from time to time as well as work in inclement weather when necessary.

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